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      1. 酷兔英語


        The world's greatest international sporting tournament is the Summer Olympic Games, also known as the Games of the Olympiad and the Summer Olympics. The International Olympic Committee (IOC) has staged the event every four years since 1896, except for 1916 (during the First World War) and 1940 and 1944 (during the Second World War).

        The first Summer Olympics was held in Athens in 1896, and it featured nine sports for men only; athletics, cycling, fencing, gymnastics, shooting, swimming, tennis, weightlifting and wrestling.

        At the next Summer Olympics in Paris in 1900, the number of sports was increased to nineteen, with women's events in golf and tennis.

        Since then the number of sports has increased to twenty-eight, including:

        • aquatic sports (swimming, diving, water polo)
        • archery
        • athletics (or “track and field”)
        • badminton
        • basketball
        • boxing
        • canoeing (slalom and sprint)
        • cycling (road, track, mountain, BMX)
        • equestrian (dressage, jumping, eventing)
        • fencing
        • field hockey
        • football
        • golf
        • gymnastics (artistic, rhythmic, trampoline)
        • handball
        • judo
        • modern pentathlon
        • rowing
        • rugby
        • sailing
        • shooting
        • table tennis
        • taekwondo
        • tennis
        • triathlon
        • volleyball (indoor and beach)
        • weightlifting and
        • wrestling (freestyle and Greco-Roman)

      2. international [,int?´n???n?l] 移動到這兒單詞發聲  a.國際的,世界的   (初中英語單詞)
      3. tournament [´tu?n?m?nt] 移動到這兒單詞發聲  n.比賽,錦標賽   (高中英語單詞)
      4. athens [´?θinz] 移動到這兒單詞發聲  n.雅典   (高中英語單詞)
      5. fencing [´fensi?] 移動到這兒單詞發聲  n.擊劍;柵欄;搪塞   (高中英語單詞)
      6. tennis [´tenis] 移動到這兒單詞發聲  n.網球(運動)   (高中英語單詞)
      7. athletics [?θ´letiks] 移動到這兒單詞發聲  n.體育(運動);競技   (英語四級單詞)

      8. 章節正文