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      1. 酷兔英語

        1Where does this conversation take place?
        A. At an airport. B. At a seaport. C. At a railway station.
        2How son will the man get on board?
        A. In about 10 minutes. B. In about 20 minutes. C. In about 30 minutes.
        3 What colour carpet does the man suggest?
        A. blue B. white C. green
        4 What is the possible result the woman worries about/
        A. She can’t return the carpet if she doesn’t like it.
        B. She can’t choose the right colour for the carpet.
        C. She can’t afford the high price of the carpet.
        5. Where does this conversation most probably take place?
        A. In a store B. In the street C. In the woman’s house.
        6.What is the most probablerelationship between the two speakers?
        A. friends B. strangers. C. neighbours
        7. What are the two speakers talking about?
        A. Their habits B. Their families. C. Their beighbours
        8. What’s the man’s trouble?
        A. He can’t give up smoking. B. He’s often disturbed at night. C. He has no house of his own.
        9. What is the possible relationship between the two speakers?
        A. Mother and son B. Captain and player C. Teacher and student
        10. What is the woman’s main purpose in talking to the man?
        A. To learn what he does every day.
        B. To help him to manage his time better.
        C. To suggest making full use of his spare time.
        11. How long does the man work at the supermarket every day?
        A. 2 hours B. 3 hours C. 4 hours
        12. What does them man agree to stop doing?
        A. Doing a part-time job. B. Having football practice C. Working at the student center.
        13. Who is the man?
        A. A sports trainer. B. A radio reporter. C. A ball player.
        14. What is the man describing?
        A. A football game. B. A volleyball game C. A basketball game.
        15. What is the winning team?
        A. Germany B. England. C. Spain.
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        18.__________________ as well as meals
        E-mail address
        20.________________, 2004

        第二部分:英語知識運用(共兩節, 滿分45分)
        例:It is generally considered unwise to give a child ______ he or she wants .
        A.however B.whatever C.whichever D.whenever
        21.---_______to you _______your great success!
        ---Thank you very much.
        A. Celebrate, for B. Congratulate, on C. Congratulation, on D. Congratulations, on
        22. I think that ____ very difficult to learn.
        A.the politics is B. politics is C. politics are D. the politics are
        23. She presented two solutions. The ______ seems much better.
        A. latter B. later C. late D. latest
        24. Tom and Jack are both very clever. ________, Tom is _______ Jack.
        A. All in all, as a clever boy as B. In other words, as clever a boy as
        C. That is to say, as a clever boy as D. In word, as clever a boy as
        25. He likes novels very much , while I love science ficti
      2. carpet [´kɑ:pit] 移動到這兒單詞發聲  n.地毯 vt.鋪地毯   (初中英語單詞)
      3. probable [´pr?b?b?l] 移動到這兒單詞發聲  a.大概的n.很可能的事   (初中英語單詞)
      4. working [´w?:ki?] 移動到這兒單詞發聲  a.工人的;勞動的   (初中英語單詞)
      5. celebrate [´selibreit] 移動到這兒單詞發聲  vt.慶祝;表揚;贊美   (初中英語單詞)
      6. politics [´p?litiks] 移動到這兒單詞發聲  n.政治(學);政治活動   (初中英語單詞)
      7. relationship [ri´lei??n?ip] 移動到這兒單詞發聲  n.關系;聯系;親屬關系   (高中英語單詞)
      8. congratulate [k?n´gr?tjuleit] 移動到這兒單詞發聲  vt.祝賀   (高中英語單詞)
      9. winning [´wini?] 移動到這兒單詞發聲  n.&a.勝利(的)   (英語四級單詞)
      10. organic [?:´g?nik] 移動到這兒單詞發聲  a.有機體的;器官的   (英語四級單詞)
      11. congratulation [k?n,gr?tju´lei??n] 移動到這兒單詞發聲  n.祝賀;賀詞   (英語四級單詞)
      12. unwise [?n´waiz] 移動到這兒單詞發聲  a.不聰明的,愚笨的   (英語六級單詞)

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