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      1. 酷兔英語

        1. Where does the man prefer to live?
        A. In the city. B. In a foreign country. C. In the country.
        2. Who is the man speaking to?
        A. A secretary. B. An officer. C. An operator.
        3. When will the plane take off?
        A. At 9:45. B. At 11:15. C. At 10:15.
        4. How is the management of the company now?
        A. Poor. B. Good. C. Just so-so.
        5. What is the probablerelationship between the two speakers?
        A. Librarian and borrower. B. Teacher and students. C. Salesman and customer.
        6. Where is the flat?
        A. In the center of the city. B. Far from a busy road. C. Next to a park.
        7. How many bedrooms does the house have?
        A. Two. B. Three. C. Four.
        8. Where does the conversation probably take place?
        A. In the flat. B. On the phone. C. At an office.
        9. Who is the woman going to have lunch with?
        A. Tim. B. Alan. C. Nobody.
        10. What is one of today’s specials?
        A. Tomato soup. B. Sweet potatoes. C. A green salad.
        11. What drink is the woman going to have?
        A. Coca Cola. B. Wine. C. Mineral water.
        12. What is the relationship between the man and Susan?
        A. He is her doctor. B. He is her professor. C. They are in the same class.
        13. How far away does her brother live?
        A. About 6 hours by train. B. About 6 hours by car. C. About 6 hours by plane.
        14. What will Susan discuss with her professor?
        A. Her brother’s illness. B. Making up an exam. C. Her test score.
        15. What does the man like about his job?
        A. His position. B. His pay. C. His teammates.
        16. What does the man dislike about being a baskeball player?
        A. The training program. B. Big games C. Weeks of stay on the road.
        17. What does the man think the result of tomorrow’s game will be?
        A.His team is sure to get the cup.
        B.His team is unlikely to get the cup.
        C.The Rockets has a big chance of winning.
        18. Where is M.A.P. Advertising?
        A. In London. B. Out of London. C. In the U.S.A.
        19. Why has the woman decided to give up her present job?
        A.She has never liked working there.
        B.She has found another job.
        C.She’d like to do something different.
        20. How long has the woman worked in M.A.P. Advertising?
        A. 4 years. B. 4.5 years. C. Only 5 years.

        第二部分:英語知識運用(共兩節, 滿分45分)
        21. ________________ be sent to work here?
        A. Who do you suggest that should B. Who do you suggest
        C. Do you suggest who would D. Do you suggest whom should
        22. Johnson ___________ for 5 years for some reasons when he was young.
        A. was put in prison B. was in the prison
        C. got out of prison D. was in prison
        23. Having been attacked by terrorists, _________.
        A. doctors came to their rescue B. the tall building collapsed
        C. an emergencymeasure was taken D. warning were given to tourists
        24. You must put your heart into what you are doing, or you ________ your aim.
        A. never achieved B. will never achieve
        C. have never achieved D. are never achieving
        25. The moment she came back from work, she _______ to clean the kitchen thoroughly.
        A. set out B. set about C. set off D. set up
        26. He was in poor health, so the doctor ___________ him to drink wine.
        A. hoped B. demanded C. forbade D. prevented
        27. There are many black clouds. It is _______ to rain again.
        A. surely B. probable C. likely D. possib
      2. management [´m?nid?m?nt] 移動到這兒單詞發聲  n.管理;處理;經營   (初中英語單詞)
      3. probable [´pr?b?b?l] 移動到這兒單詞發聲  a.大概的n.很可能的事   (初中英語單詞)
      4. mineral [´min?r?l] 移動到這兒單詞發聲  n.礦物 a.礦物的   (初中英語單詞)
      5. illness [´ilnis] 移動到這兒單詞發聲  n.生病,不健康,疾病   (初中英語單詞)
      6. dislike [dis´laik] 移動到這兒單詞發聲  vt.&n.不喜愛,厭惡   (初中英語單詞)
      7. program [´pr?ugr?m] 移動到這兒單詞發聲  n.說明v.為…安排節目   (初中英語單詞)
      8. working [´w?:ki?] 移動到這兒單詞發聲  a.工人的;勞動的   (初中英語單詞)
      9. rescue [´reskju:] 移動到這兒單詞發聲  vt.&n.救援;挽救   (初中英語單詞)
      10. measure [´me??] 移動到這兒單詞發聲  n.量度;范圍 vt.測量   (初中英語單詞)
      11. achieve [?´t?i:v] 移動到這兒單詞發聲  vt.完成;達到;獲得   (初中英語單詞)
      12. thoroughly [´θ?r?li] 移動到這兒單詞發聲  ad.完全地,徹底地   (初中英語單詞)
      13. relationship [ri´lei??n?ip] 移動到這兒單詞發聲  n.關系;聯系;親屬關系   (高中英語單詞)
      14. salesman [´seilzm?n] 移動到這兒單詞發聲  n.店員;推銷員   (高中英語單詞)
      15. tomato [t?´mɑ:t?u] 移動到這兒單詞發聲  n.西紅柿,蕃茄   (高中英語單詞)
      16. decided [di´saidid] 移動到這兒單詞發聲  a.明顯的;決定的   (高中英語單詞)
      17. emergency [i´m?:d??nsi] 移動到這兒單詞發聲  n.事變;緊急關頭   (高中英語單詞)
      18. warning [´w?:ni?] 移動到這兒單詞發聲  n.警告;前兆 a.預告的   (英語四級單詞)
      19. forbade [f?´beid] 移動到這兒單詞發聲  forbid的過去式   (英語四級單詞)
      20. speaking [´spi:ki?] 移動到這兒單詞發聲  n.說話 a.發言的   (英語六級單詞)
      21. librarian [lai´bre?ri?n] 移動到這兒單詞發聲  n.圖書館管理員,館長   (英語六級單詞)
      22. unlikely [?n´laikli] 移動到這兒單詞發聲  a.不像的;未必可能的   (英語六級單詞)

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