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      Unit 1 How do you study for a test?

      section A

      1b Listen.How do these students study 

      for a test?

      Write letters from pictures above.

      Hey,gang.There's a big test on Tuesday.

      I really need some help.

      Can you tell me how you study for a big test?

      Sure!Yes.Sure we will.

      You did really well on the last English test,

      didn't you,Mei?

      Yeah,I did OK.

      Well,how did you study?

      By making flashcards.

      Maybe I'll try that.

      How did you study,Pierre?

      By asking the teacher for help.

      She was really happy I asked.

      That's interesting.How do you study,Antonio?

      I like to study by listening to tapes.

      But sometimes my mother thinks

      I'm listening to music.And then she gets mad.