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      1. 酷兔英語

        i joined forces with many other libyans inside and outside libya to call for a day of rage
        and to initiate a revolution against the tyrannical regime of gaddafi
        and there it was a great revolution
        young libyan women and men were at the forefront
        calling for the fall of the regime
        they have shown an exemplary bravery in confronting the brutaldictatorship of gaddafi they have shown a great sense of solidarity from the far east to the far west
        and a toll rate of almost fifty
        thousand dead
        we managed to liberate our country and to topple the tyrant
        a legacy of tyranny corruption
        for four decades
        i was keen among
        many other women to rebuild the libyan civil society
        almost two hundred organizations were established in benghazi during and immediately after the fall of gaddafi almost three hundred in tripoli
        after a period of thirty three years in exile i went back to libya and with uniqueenthusiasm i started organizing workshops on capacity building on human development of leadership
        of women leaders from different walks of life
        to lobby for the sociopolitical empowerment of women and to lobby for our right for equal participation in building democracy and peace
        environment in the pre elections an environment which was increasingly polarized
        an environment which was shaped
        by the selfishpolitics of dominance and exclusion
        the alternation
        the euphoria of the elections
        for every day we were waking up to the news of violence
        one day we wake up to the news of the desecration of ancient mosques and sufi tombs on another day we wake up to the news of the murder of the american ambassador and the attack on the consulate
        on another day we wake up to the news of the assassination of army officers and every day every day we wake up with the rule of the militias and their continuous violations of human rights of prisoners
        and their disrespect of the rule of law
        our society shaped by a revolutionary mindset became more polarized and has driven away
        from the ideals and the principles freedom
        dignity social justice that we first held
        intolerance exclusion
        i 'm rather here today to confess that we as a nation
        took the wrong choice made the wrong decision
        we did not prioritize right
        and exclusion by both
        needs the numerical quantitative representation of the feminine we need to stop
        acting as agents of rage and calling for days of rage we need to start acting
        as agents of compassion and mercy we need to develop
        instead of revenge
        collaboration instead of competition
        inclusion instead of
        in order to achieve peace for peace
        has an alchemy and this alchemy is about
        the intertwining
        peace is the word of the all merciful god
        which is known in all abrahamic traditions has the same root in arabic as the word rahem womb
        which grows within it
        thus we are told that my mercy takes precedence over my
        may we all be granted a grace of mercy
      2. liberate [´lib?reit] 移動到這兒單詞發聲  vt.解放,釋放,放出   (初中英語單詞)
      3. enthusiasm [in´θju:zi?z?m] 移動到這兒單詞發聲  n.熱心;狂熱;愛好   (初中英語單詞)
      4. capacity [k?´p?siti] 移動到這兒單詞發聲  n.容量;智能;能力   (初中英語單詞)
      5. democracy [di´m?kr?si] 移動到這兒單詞發聲  n.民主政治(政體)   (初中英語單詞)
      6. selfish [´selfi?] 移動到這兒單詞發聲  a.自私的,利己的   (初中英語單詞)
      7. politics [´p?litiks] 移動到這兒單詞發聲  n.政治(學);政治活動   (初中英語單詞)
      8. ambassador [?m´b?s?d?] 移動到這兒單詞發聲  n.大使   (初中英語單詞)
      9. continuous [k?n´tinju?s] 移動到這兒單詞發聲  a.連續不斷的;延長的   (初中英語單詞)
      10. driven [´driv(?)n] 移動到這兒單詞發聲  drive 的過去分詞   (初中英語單詞)
      11. confess [k?n´fes] 移動到這兒單詞發聲  vt.供認;坦白;承認   (初中英語單詞)
      12. achieve [?´t?i:v] 移動到這兒單詞發聲  vt.完成;達到;獲得   (初中英語單詞)
      13. regime [rei´?i:m] 移動到這兒單詞發聲  n.政體;社會制度   (高中英語單詞)
      14. tyranny [´tir?ni] 移動到這兒單詞發聲  n.暴政;專制政治   (高中英語單詞)
      15. unique [ju:´ni:k] 移動到這兒單詞發聲  a.唯一的 n.獨一無二   (高中英語單詞)
      16. environment [in´vai?r?nm?nt] 移動到這兒單詞發聲  n.郊區;周圍;條件   (高中英語單詞)
      17. revolutionary [,rev?´lu:??n?ri] 移動到這兒單詞發聲  a.革命的 n.革命者   (高中英語單詞)
      18. representation [,reprizen´tei??n] 移動到這兒單詞發聲  n.描寫;表現(法)   (高中英語單詞)
      19. bravery [´breiv?ri] 移動到這兒單詞發聲  n.勇敢,大膽,剛毅   (英語四級單詞)
      20. brutal [´bru:tl] 移動到這兒單詞發聲  a.獸性的;殘暴的   (英語四級單詞)
      21. rebuild [,ri:´bild] 移動到這兒單詞發聲  vt.重建;改造   (英語四級單詞)
      22. increasingly [in´kri:si?li] 移動到這兒單詞發聲  ad.日益,愈加   (英語四級單詞)
      23. feminine [´feminin] 移動到這兒單詞發聲  a.女性的   (英語四級單詞)
      24. compassion [k?m´p???n] 移動到這兒單詞發聲  n.同情;憐憫   (英語四級單詞)
      25. initiate [i´ni?ieit] 移動到這兒單詞發聲  vt.開始;引進;啟蒙   (英語六級單詞)
      26. dictatorship [dik´teit??ip] 移動到這兒單詞發聲  n.獨裁(權);專政   (英語六級單詞)
      27. legacy [´leg?si] 移動到這兒單詞發聲  n.遺產;傳代物   (英語六級單詞)
      28. participation [pɑ:,tisi´pei??n] 移動到這兒單詞發聲  n.參加,參與   (英語六級單詞)
      29. assassination [?,s?si´nei??n] 移動到這兒單詞發聲  n.暗殺;暗殺事件   (英語六級單詞)
      30. exclusion [ik´sklu:??n] 移動到這兒單詞發聲  n.拒絕;逐出,排除   (英語六級單詞)
      31. calling [´k?:li?] 移動到這兒單詞發聲  n.點名;職業;欲望   (英語六級單詞)
      32. merciful [´m?:sif?l] 移動到這兒單詞發聲  a.仁慈的;寬大的   (英語六級單詞)

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