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        第八集 煞命時速——嘉魯達航空200號班機

        E08 "Fatal Focus"
        NARRATOR: Dramatic video captures a scene of chaos.
        GEOFFREY THOMAS: You've got this trail of people coming away from the airplane. It was raw, unedited.
        NARRATOR: A crash survivor records the desperate escape from the wreckage of the Garuda flight 200.
        KYLE QUINLAN: Huge explosions going off. Big plumes of black smoke.
        NARRATOR: What sent the Indonesian airliner careening off the runway?
        ALAN STRAY: We don't deal in speculation; we want facts.
        GEOFFREY THOMAS: There was intensepressure to deliver.
        NARRATOR: Investigators must accept a shockingexplanation for the crash.
        JOHN NANCE: It's very hard to understand...
        FIRST OFFICER GAGAM RACHMAN: Go around Captain, go around!
        ALAN STRAY: I've never heard anything like this!

        文章標簽:單詞  背單詞