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      1. 酷兔英語

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        第五集 致命行動(劃掉)——恩多拉聯合國DC-6事故

        NARRATOR: Tragic accident or calculated murder?
        SVEN HAMMARBERG: Now let's see the elevations.
        NARRATOR: Investigators re-open a 55-year-old mystery.
        ROBERT MACINTOSH: This was a major world event.
        CAPTAIN PER HALLONQUIST: We're going down. Brace! Brace!
        NARRATOR: What caused a crash that killed the UN secretary general?
        HENNING MELBER: It was devastating.
        ROBERT MACINTOSH: This gentleman was a champion of world peace.
        NARRATOR: How did a top-secret peace mission in Africa end in death?
        RHODESIAN INVESTIGATOR: It's tough to see how they could screwed this up.
        ROBERT MACINTOSH: Certain people believe it's just not possible that Dag Hammaerskjold was killed in a common accident. It had to be something more.
        NARRATOR: Controversial theories abound.
        PAUL ABRAM: Dag Hammarskjold was murdered. Period.
        NARRATOR: But the truth may finally be within reach.
        SVEN HAMMARSERG: As an investigator, I don't want to close any doors.

        文章標簽:單詞  背單詞