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      1. 酷兔英語

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        第四集 奪命快遞(劃掉)獨戰關頭——UPS航空6號班機

        E04 "Fatal Delivery"
        RICHARD PHILIPS: All availableassistance required at Dubai. Emergency descent underway.
        NARRATOR: Twenty two minutes after takeoff...
        CAPTAIN DOUG LAMPE: Get your oxygen mask on.
        NARRATOR: ...the pilots of a UPS cargo jet face a life-threatening emergency.
        JOHN COX: A cockpit full of smoke is an absolutely terrifying condition.
        CAPTAIN DOUG LAMPE: Can you see anything?
        FIRST OFFICER MATTHEW BELL: No, I can't see anything.
        BILL ENGLISH: It's about as bad as you can get.
        NARRATOR: The pilots need information - fast.
        FIRST OFFICER MATTHEW BELL: Tell me what to do, what altitude, what speed, what heading.
        NARRATOR: Controllers on the ground may be their only hope.
        RICHARD PHILIPS: I want you to tell him exactly what I say when I say it.
        DARREN STRAKER: It's almost impossible to grasp the magnitude of the task.
        RICHARD PHILIPS: 300 feet. Any runway is available.
        JOHN COX: If he doesn't sort this out, this is going to result in a catastrophic accident.

        文章標簽:單詞  背單詞