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      1. 酷兔英語

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        第三集 末日崩塌(劃掉)不速天劫——以色列航空1862號班機

        E03 "High Rise Catastrophe"
        ARNON OHAD: Going down, 1862. Going down! Going down!
        NARRATOR: A 747 cargo jet plunges into an apartment complex.
        YITZAK FUCHS: No!
        GURI PALTER: Cut it like a knife.
        ARNON OHAD(ATC RECORDING): El Al 1862 mayday, mayday.
        NARRATOR: Amid wild rumours...
        ROBERT BENZON: There was speculation that a missile had struck the aircraft.
        ROBERT BENZON: We need those black boxes!
        NARRATOR: Crash investigators search for the cause of The Netherlands' worst air disaster.
        PIM VAN SANTEN: There was a lot of pressure to come up with some findings as quickly as possible.
        DAVID LEARMOUNT: The only trouble is the investigators didn't know the answers, which were simply not available.
        NARRATOR: Preventing an even greater disaster may now be a race against time.
        PIM VAN SANTEN: We were extremely worried and concerned that the next airplane might have been a passenger airplane.

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