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        Season 15 第一集 在無線電上多嘴(劃掉)生死交叉點——聯合航空5925號班機

        第一集 在無線電上多嘴(劃掉)生死交叉點——聯合航空5925號班機
        Episode 1 "Fatal Transmission"
        NARRATOR: Scorched wreckage is all that's left after a fatal air disaster in Illinois.
        TOM HAUETER: It was really a molten mess, to be frank.
        NARRATOR: Witnesses recount a stunning detail.
        PAUL WALKER: I could hear passengers shouting out.
        NARRATOR: Everyone who died survived the initial impact.
        KATE GATHJE: You evacuate! I'll shut down.
        NORA MARSHALL: To know that they survived an accident and weren't able to get out is hard.
        KATE GATHJE: Open the door!
        PAUL WALKER: I tried everything that I could do in the world and I could not get that door to unlatch.
        NARRATOR: Investigators face a tragic and puzzling question.
        TOM HAUETER: Why didn't that door open?
        KATE GATHJE: Hurry!
        PAUL WALKER: Oh God! I'm sorry, Kate.
        PAUL WALKER: I was literally their last hope.

        文章標簽:單詞  背單詞