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        第三集 莫衷一是——飛箭航空1285號航班

        第三集 莫衷一是——飛箭航空1285號航班
        Episode 3 "Split Decision"/"Military Crash Conspiracy"
        NARRATOR: Military families in Kentucky prepare to welcome home loved ones from overseas.
        MAN: The plan was to have a reception for them, and then those soldiers would be reunited with their families and friends.
        NARRATOR: At the same time, at a small Canadian airport...
        MAN: There's wreckage all over the place; there was massive destruction.
        MAN: Well, nobody could've survived this.
        NARRATOR: 256 people are dead. It's one of the worst aviation accidents of all time.
        MAN: Any time a crash of this sort would occur, immediate suspicions would be raised.
        NARRATOR: Answers will be hard to come by ...
        MAN: It does not advance safety to get the wrong cause of an accident.
        NARRATOR: ...as two radically different scenarios for the crash emerge.

        Word List
        1. split decision 【拳擊】分歧判定
        參見:https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Split_decision 。
        S12E02 "Fire in the Hold"
        → fire in the hole 小心有雷(運送的"失效"氧氣罐)
        vs. 貨艙(hold)起火
        S12E03 "Caution to the Wind"
        → throw/cast caution to the wind(s) 不顧危險,魯莽行事,冒險(即機長冒失闖入施工中的跑道)
        vs. 小心對待臺風(指機長的過度謹慎)
        S12E04 "Pushed to the Limit"
        → push sb. to the limit 逼迫某人到無法容忍的地步(即朱衛民當時的生活境況)
        vs. 把油門桿推到最大(limit)【最大叫limit,慢車idle】
        S12E05 "Blind Landing"
        → blind landing 盲降,儀表著陸
        vs. 真·盲(目)降(落)
        S13E02 "Speed Trap"
        → speed trap 警察使用雷達以檢測汽車超速的監視區
        vs. 高速下的困境(trap)(導致戰機目視能力不足)
        S13E03 "Lost in Translation"
        → lost in translation(文學作品等)內涵在翻譯中丟失
        vs. 在從蘇式儀表到西方儀表的轉變(translation)中迷失(lost)
        S13E08 "Imperfect Pitch"
        → perfect pitch 完全音高感,絕對音感
        vs. 不佳的(imperfect)俯仰(pitch)
        2. come by 得到,找到
        Jobs Will Be Hard to Come by for a While
        Reliable "real time" information is hard to come by.
        Why We Should Take Performance Measurement on Faith (Facts Being Hard to Come by and Not Terribly Important)

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