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      1. 酷兔英語

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        第二集 致命爬升——西加勒比航空708號班機
        Episode 2 "The Plane That Flew Too High"/"Fatal Climb"
        NARRATOR: A scene of devastation in a remote region of Venezuela confirms the fate of a missing passenger jet.
        CONTROLLER: Whiskey Charlie Whiskey 708, confirm position if possible.
        NARRATOR: West Caribbean Airways flight 708 has mysteriously dropped from the sky while flying at over 30,000 feet.
        MAN: It took off from Panama. It's a Colombian operator. There was[were] 160 French citizens on board[1].
        MAN: The biggest accident that has ever occurred in the Venezuelan territory.
        NARRATOR: Investigators hope the crew's desperate last words...
        CAPTAIN: West 708!
        CONTROLLER: Do you have a problem on board?
        NARRATOR: ...will help them pinpoint the cause of the crash.
        CAPTAIN: Affirmative, now we've had a flame-out on[2] both engines.
        NARRATOR: But instead, the mystery deepens.
        F/O: It's a stall Captain, it's a stall!
        NARRATOR: The pilots can't agree on[3] why the plane is falling. Now it's up to investigators to figure it out.

        Word List
        1. devastation* n. 毀壞;極度震驚或悲傷
        【示例】a scene of total/complete/utter devastation/destruction 一幅滿目瘡痍的景象
        +devastating adj. 毀滅性的,災難性的;驚人的,可怕的
        └ 【例句】A burnt-out hole is all that's left of Asiana Airlines flight 214 after a devastating crash landing. 經歷一次毀滅性的迫降后,韓亞航空214號班機只剩下一個燒穿的大洞。(S13E11特輯)
        But what they get instead is devastating news. 但他們等到的卻是令人震驚的消息。(S12E10波蘭總統專機)
        +devastate vt. 毀滅;破壞
        └【例句】Learjet Victor-Mike-Charlie has devastated Mexico City's financial district. 里爾噴射機VMC重創墨西哥市的金融區。(S14E08墨西哥城公務機)
        2. remote* adj. 邊遠的,偏僻的;久遠的;極小的,微乎其微的
        【示例】the remote past 遙遠的過去 a remotepossibility 微乎其微的可能性
        【例 句】When you talk about an accident in the Grand Canyon, you're talking about both hostile, inaccessible, remote and dangerous. 發生在大峽谷的空難就是環境惡劣、不易到達和偏遠危險的組合體。(S12E06大峽谷空難)
        2. territory n. 領土
        【ACI用詞】soil 國土;territory 領土(均用在指國家的形容詞后)
        3. desperate* adj. 絕望的;不顧一切的,鋌而走險的,孤注一擲的;極度渴望的;危急的
        +desperately adv. 不顧一切地;極其
        4. pinpoint v. 準確指出(原因);給...準確定位
        5. deepen* v. 加劇,加深
        【示例】the mystery deepens 謎團加深

        Reading in Depth
        [1] onboard(on-board)和on board
        onboard(on-board) adj. 隨車(船,機)攜帶的
        【示例】onboard radar 機載雷達 onboard LAN 板載網卡
        on board 在船(火車、飛機)上
        【示例】...people on board 機上有...人 a bomb on board 機上的一顆炸彈
        [2] on both engines(注意介詞)
        [3] agree on
        agree with 同意某人 I agree with you.
        agree on 在...上達成一致(主語復數)
        agree to 同意某事 They agreed to the plan.

        文章標簽:單詞  背單詞