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      1. 酷兔英語

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        Season 11

        第一集 多災跑道——天馬航空3054號班機
        Episode 1 "Disaster Runway"/"Deadly Reputation"/"Nightmare Runway"
        NARRATOR: Every flight begins and ends here, a strip of asphalt scorched by jet engines and marred with rubber. But not all runways are created equal[1]. One of the world's most notorious is runway 35L at Congonhas Airport in Brazil.
        MAN: It could surprise you at any moment.
        NARRATOR: In July 2007, TAM Airlines flight 3054 becomes its latest victim[2].
        F/O: Decelerate. Decelerate!
        CAPTAIN: It can't, it can't!
        NARRATOR: The runway claims 199 lives. It would be carefully scrutinized, its history revealed[3]. Investigators desperately need to know why runway 35L is so dangerous...
        VOICEOVER: 35L.
        NARRATOR: ...before more lives are lost.

        Word List
        1. strip* n. 狹長(地帶或水域);(紙、布或食物的)條
        【示例】a strip of material; a narrow strip of water; airstrip; landing strip; wear strip
        【例 句】With only one eye, he's unable to gauge depth as he speeds towards the narrow, rain-soaked strip of grass. 他只有一只眼有視力,無法感知深度,就這么飛向了浸透雨水的狹窄草地。(S11E11中美洲航空)
        2. asphalt n. 瀝青;柏油
        3. scorch* vt. 燒焦 n. 燒焦;焦痕
        【示例】scorching flames; scorch marks
        4. mar vt. 損毀;損傷;玷污
        5. notorious adj. 聲名狼藉的,臭名昭著的
        6. claim vt. 奪走(生命)[正式]
        【例 句】It's been over a year since a plane crash claimed the life of Polish president Lech Kaczyński. 波蘭總統萊赫·卡欽斯基墜機身亡已經一年有余。(S12E10波蘭總統專機)
        7. scrutinize* vt. 仔細檢查
        【例句】It would be scrutinized more closely than any other piece of debris. 它將受到比其他殘骸更仔細的檢查。(S07E01斷三截)
        The experts scrutinize the available evidence more closely and are faced with a shockingexplanation about what happened. 專家深入分析現有證據,得出事故原委的一個驚人解釋。(S14E11馬航370)
        8. reveal* vt. 揭露;泄露
        【例句】Now with cutting-edge computer technology, we reveal exactly what went wrong. 現在我們將借助先進的計算機技術揭露意外的原委。(重返危機現場OP)

        Reading in Depth
        [1] be created equal(equal形容詞作狀語)
        [2] ACI講故事一般都用現在時。
        [3] ...its history revealed.(獨立主格結構)

        flight [flait] 移動到這兒單詞發聲  n.逃走;飛行;班機   (初中英語單詞)

        rubber [′r?b?] 移動到這兒單詞發聲  n.(摩)擦的人;橡皮   (初中英語單詞)

        unable [?n′eib?l] 移動到這兒單詞發聲  a.不能的;無能為力的   (初中英語單詞)

        available [?′veil?b?l] 移動到這兒單詞發聲  a.可用的;有效的   (初中英語單詞)

        explanation [,ekspl?′nei??n] 移動到這兒單詞發聲  n.解釋;說明;辯解   (初中英語單詞)

        computer [k?m′pju:t?] 移動到這兒單詞發聲  n.計算機;電子計算器   (初中英語單詞)

        desperately [′desp?ritli] 移動到這兒單詞發聲  ad.絕望地;拼命地   (高中英語單詞)

        asphalt [′?sf?lt] 移動到這兒單詞發聲  n.瀝青   (英語四級單詞)

        notorious [n?u′t?:ri?s] 移動到這兒單詞發聲  a.臭名昭著的   (英語四級單詞)

        scorch [sk?:t?] 移動到這兒單詞發聲  v.&n.燒焦;(使)枯黃   (英語四級單詞)

        polish [′p?uli?] 移動到這兒單詞發聲  a.波蘭(人)的 n.波蘭語   (英語四級單詞)

        landing [′l?ndi?] 移動到這兒單詞發聲  n.登陸;降落;樓梯平臺   (英語六級單詞)

        shocking [′??ki?] 移動到這兒單詞發聲  a.令人震驚的;可怕的   (英語六級單詞)

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