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      1. 酷兔英語

        文章標簽:人教版  五年級  

          學習目標 : 學生將會理解并能運用這些詞匯: farmhouse, flat/apartment, cabin, hotel, kitchen, bathroom, living room, bedroom, end table, curtain, garbage, air conditioner, mirror, shelf, phone, trash bin, closet/wardrobe 學生們將會理解并能運用這些句型: There is/are ________. Is/Are there ________ in the _________? Yes, there is. No, there isn't. Yes, there are. No, there aren't.  
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          Equipment and materials




          Activity 1 Look at learning outcomes

        Ask the children to look at the learning outcomes for the lesson – you may explain what they are going to learn in Chinese.

        (5 mins.)


        (5 mins.)

          Activity 2 Picture cut outs "dictionaries"

        Hand out the picture cut out sheets.  Students can cut out these pictures and arrange them as they like and glue them on another sheet.  Finally they can label all the items in their pictures.  This can be used as a reference (or "dictionary") for the lessons in this unit.

        (15 minutes)

        You can download the pictures and worksheet at the bottom of the page.




        發給學生可選擇裁剪的圖片。 學生們可以裁剪這些圖片并可按自己的喜好去安排,然后將其貼在另一張紙上。最后,他們可將所有的物品名稱標注在對應的圖片上。這樣,學生就可以 將其當成這本單元的"參考書"(或"字典")。
         (15 minutes)


          Activity 3 Question and Answer Pictures

        Watch the movie. 

        Use the pictures for a Question and Answer session with the whole class.  You can display the pictures onto a screen so that everyone can see.  Then to practice the vocabulary and structures for this lesson, ask questions about the pictures to the class.  For example, display the picture of the bathroom.  You can ask, Is there a mirror in the bathroom?  Based on the picture, the correct answer would be Yes, there is.  Then ask, Is there a trash bin in the bathroom?  Based on the picture, the correct answer would be No, there isn't.  Once you have gone over the pictures together as a class, you could have students work in pairs and ask each other more questions about the pictures.

        (15 – 20 minutes)



        利用就圖片來提問和回答來貫穿全課, 教師可在屏幕上顯示圖片,使得全班同學都能看到。然后去練習這一課的詞匯與句型,就圖片向全班同學提問。例如,顯示洗澡間的圖片。教師可以頭問:Is there a mirror in the bathroom? 根據圖片,正確的答案應是:Yes, there is.  然后 問:Is there a trash bin in the bathroom?  根據圖片,正確答案應是: No, there isn't.  當教師與全班同學將圖片都做過一遍以后,教師應將全班同學分成倆人一組,就圖片相互提問。
        (15 – 20 minutes)

          Activity 4 Spelling bee

        For the remaining time of the class, you could run a spelling bee.  This is term for spelling contest.  Have students put away all their notes and erase the board.  Then, simply call out a vocabulary word from the unit.  If someone thinks that they can spell the word, they raise their hand.  You will have to choose someone to try.  If they are successful, they get a point for their team.  If they get it wrong, go to another student.

        (5 – 10 minutes)


        (5 – 10 minutes)


        Write 5 sentences about rooms in your home.




        Click the icon on the right to download pictures or worksheets for this lesson.




        文章標簽:五年級  人教版